Our Programs

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Customized Programs

CoreWorks creates customized programs to suit your organization’s strategic needs. Our offers range from half-day or one-day seminars to year-long, in-depth executive team trainings.

Half/One-Day Seminars

We deliver half- or one-day short-topic presentations ranging from “Improving Productivity” to “Getting Things Done by Mastering Difficult Conversations.”

Customized Corporate Classes

We will craft a development program for your leadership group that cultivates core productivity skills. Classes are actionable and practical, as well as fun and entertaining.

Weekend Retreats

Off-site weekend retreats focus on more in-depth topics, such as “Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Your Goals” or “Improved Communications for the Executive Team.” We can combine this with a spa experience or cooking classes for a relaxing and fun time.

Week-Long Programs

Longer five-day programs take a comprehensive approach by addressing topics such as “The Core Skills of Effective Self-Management” or “Discernment: The Missing Piece for Effective Decision Making.” These can be combined with an experiential travel program, such as a private yacht charter in the Aegean Sea.

Year-Long Programs

A year-long program for executive teams, usually delivered in quarterly three-day, off-site modules, provides the “Advanced Lessons in Effective Self-Management.” Year-long programs include regular skill development exercises between modules, plus an ongoing coaching component.