Our Approach

A new perspective
in leadership development —
from inside out.

Times have changed …

Human talent and creativity, not industrial efficiency, are now the keys to economic productivity and wealth creation.

However, technical skills alone no longer suffice. To be effective, today’s workers must be able to manage their minds skillfully and to relate to others productively. These skills are the new “core competencies” of the effective executive.

We approach leadership development from the inside out. Just as world-class athletes enhance their performance through physical and cognitive training, executives can enhance their effectiveness through systematic internal and relational development.

Using Science to Help You Perform

CoreWorks applies well established principles from neuroscience, psychology, and other disciplines in innovative ways to enhance performance and effectiveness. We provide rigorous, systematic development of these internal skills resulting in:

  • enhanced concentration
  • reduced stress
  • less emotional reactivity
  • better decision making
  • more creative problem solving
  • improved communication
  • strengthened relationships.

We are passionate about performance. We develop each person’s core skills and talents to be more professionally effective and to enjoy a richer, happier personal life.