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CoreWorks Consulting & Leadership Development

Our clients are top contributors to their fields. However, while they excel in technical expertise, they realize their competitive advantage stems from “the human element” of their work—their quality of mind and relationships. CoreWorks helps to develop and sustain this critical advantage.

CoreWorks customizes leadership development solutions for a variety of knowledge-intensive clientele. Our programs are designed to enhance performance and effectiveness, while remaining enjoyable and engaging. We design our programs to meet your strategic needs and enhance your competitive position. We do not offer canned, off-the-shelf material. Rather, we respond freshly to the needs with which our clients challenge us.

How We’ve Helped…

Addressing Burnout Strategically

A group of senior leaders was facing burnout after years of intense, non-stop action. CoreWorks designed a unique restorative weekend retreat, complete with state-of-the art stress management education, nutrition classes, and multiple spa experiences so the team could completely relax. After the program, they returned to work rejuvenated and more engaged, armed with new tools to prevent future burnout.

Self-Management Course for Senior Leadership Team

An entertainment company’s chief wanted to offer self-management education for his organization’s senior leadership team. CoreWorks developed a customized seven-week, in-house class to supplement the company’s ongoing executive training program. The program was regarded as one of the best team education experiences they ever had.

Training Global Automotive Corporate Trainers

A large automobile manufacturing company wanted basic training in Self-Management for its corporate trainers. We presented a series of models they could easily incorporate into their work, receiving rave reviews.

Medical Services Company’s In-House Consultant Training

A medical services company wanted to support its in-house consulting arm with Self-Management education. CoreWorks presented at the company’s annual staff retreat. Many trainers said it was the best learning experience of their entire career, and they planned to incorporate Self-Management principles into their future in-house programs.

Developing Japanese Mid- and Senior Level Managers

A group of Japanese managers invited CoreWorks to Tokyo to develop and present a Self-Management program. The event was so successful that an ongoing series of work is currently being planned.