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CoreWorks Coaching

Our coaching enables people to change behavior and also provides ongoing support.

Changing Behavior: Improving Effectiveness

Coreworks specializes in unique methods for effective and lasting professional and personal transformation. Sometimes our clients are looking to change debilitating behaviors into more positive ones. We give them the skills to undo old habits and to take on new possibilities.

We specialize in working with motivated individuals with whom other coaches have had a hard time being successful.

We incorporate the latest findings from the newly emerging field of traumatology. We have found that ineffective professional action is often rooted, curiously, in hidden traumas–car accidents, athletic injuries, surgical procedures, and the like. Long forgotten events can remain active in the body, disrupting the normalcy of the nervous system and causing undesirable actions and results.

Drawing on neuroscientific principles, we specialize in methods to help our clients quickly dissipate the effects of these experiences. Our methods give clients pragmatic and useful tools to develop insight, clarity, and resolve for action.

Ongoing Support: Broadening Horizons

Some clients are looking for a supportive “thought partner” with whom to explore their ideas, to strategize plans, and to develop creative solutions. We provide perspective, feedback, resources, and a generous, non-judgmental ear.

Who We’ve Helped…

Life Planning for a Senior Executive

Jack is in his mid-50s, a worldly senior executive for a global chemicals firm. He has reached the top of his career ladder, is talented, happily married, and materially successful. He came to CoreWorks after realizing he had become bored with work and was looking for new challenges. We helped him strategize a plan for the second half of his life.

Anxiety Management for a Vice President

Geri is a respected Vice President at major defense contractor. She was referred to CoreWorks by her personal coach to help her manage the anxiety that led to her alienating valuable colleagues. We taught her skills to help her track emotional reactions, so she could step out of those reactions and behave differently. Not only were her colleagues impressed, but her family reported an improved home life.

Anger Management for an In-House Legal Counsel

Brent works as in-house counsel for large real estate developer. He also has a significant anger problem, causing him to be unpredictably explosive, creating a fearful and ineffective work environment. He was referred to CoreWorks to seek help. Eager to make a change, he worked hard to develop the ability to short circuit the anger reaction. Both work and home life became more peaceful and productive.

Stress Management for a Security Executive

Sal serves as Vice President of Security for a multi-billion dollar global food services company. He was referred to CoreWorks because he couldn’t “put work away” and suffered obsessive habits of perfectionism, impatience, and a self-described paranoia. In our listening we discovered he had a history of traumatic sports and vehicular injuries, the legacy of which was an ever-present state of anxiety. We led him through a series of exercises that helped to discharge the frenetic energy that had been driving him. He reported greater calm, clarity, and an ability to relax yet remain effective. He eventually mastered these skills and can now implement them on his own.